Mass Media Support to Extension

Mass Media Support to Agricultural Extension

Professor Jayashankar Telangana State Agricultural University (PJTSAU) is utilizing all mass media channels like Electronic Media (T.V & Radio) print media, to disseminate latest agricultural technologies to the farmers of Telangana state and elsewhere. Utilization of mass media channels at the time of natural vagaries is immense. The extension reach of PJTS Agricultural University improved tremendously with the establishment of Agricultural Information & Communication Center (AI & CC). Electronic Wing, DAATT Centres and KVKs. The scientists of the Research Stations, Teachers of Colleges, Extension Scientists of KVKs, DAATT Centres, AI & CC, Electronic Wing, contribute the information to the mass media which include identified field problems, technology recommendations, success stories etc. This information is timely and based on topicality and location specific


A) T.V.

  • Annadatha Velugubaata through E.T.V. Channel:

The University is first in the country in utilizing a private TV channel ETV for dissemination of latest agricultural and allied field technologies in the form of lessons under the name of Annadata Velugubata. The University records the programmes and telecast through ETV twice in a week on Tuesday and Friday. The Electronic wing of the University is producing this programme since 2nd October 1998. So far, 771 programmes were telecasted in ETV.

  • Rytumitra

The PJTS Agricultural University is first in the country in launching an innovative telecast programme Rytumitra through Teja Channel in collaboration with the State Department of Agriculture. This programme was implemented successfully form the year August 2001 to March 2004

Rythu Mithra, a one-hour programme which ran from 6.00 to 7.00 PM. First part consisted of 3 programmes of 10 minutes each on Agriculture, Horticulture and Animal Sciences/allied fields. From 6.00-6.25 to 6.30 PM agricultural news was telecasted. From 6.30 to 7.00 Pm, phone-in-live programme where University scientist answers the questions raised by the farmer live. A toll free phone facility was provided to the farmers from any where in the State to participate in the programme. In all, 1261 scientists have participated in the phone-in-programme. The Doordarshan Kendra, Hyderabad in collaboration with the University is conducting phone-in-live programme once in a week for which technical inputs like topics to be telecasted, subject matter and scientists are from the University.

The Doordarshan, Hyderabad is also telecasting agricultural programmes recorded by the University for a duration of 10 minutes twice a week in Gramadarsini from 6.15 - 6.45 PM.

In addition to these regular programmes, Doordarshan Kendra, Hyderabad and its local Kendras are recording special agricultural Programmes with the help of University scientists and are telecasting through its centers.

  • Crop CDs

The Electronic Wing of the University has produced interactive crop CDs on Paddy, Cotton, Castor, Groundnut and Pulses for the State Department of Agriculture.

Electronic Wing also produced a CD on "Post Harvest Technology on Mango" for the Directorate of Extension, GOI, New Delhi.

  • Crop Seminars

Crop seminars are proposed to be conducted at the 3 Agro-Climatic Zones of Telangana State. where the scientists of PJTS Agricultural University discuss on the crops of importance of that Zone involving farmers and Extension Officers. The queries raised by the farmers on the discussed subjects/crops are answered by the scientists. The proceedings are proposed to be telecast live by the doordarshan for about 1 - 2 hours for the benefit of the farmers of the zone and others in the State.


PJTS Agricultural University is utilizing Radio in a big way to disseminate information to the farmers. The University sends Vyavasaya Samacharam to All India Radio, Hyderabad that broadcasts the same for 10 minutes every day from 6.50 to 7.00 PM on different topics and the same is relayed by all the other Radio Stations in the entire State. The University scientists from time to time give interviews, lessons and answers to the letters through all the Radio stations in the State. The University scientists are also participating in the Phone-in-live programmes conducted by different Radio stations across the State.

The University sends weather base agricultural information twice a week for the benefit of farmers. It also gives special messages at the time of floods, droughts, pest and disease outbreaks etc.


Print media includes press notes, popular articles and publications. The scientific community of the University release press notes more frequently to the leading newspapers both in Telugu and English. They write popular articles to daily newspapers as well as agricultural magazines published from this State in Telugu by the State Dept. of Agriculture and other private publications like Annadatha, Annadatha Sukheebhava, Rytuvani, Rytanna and others.

Apart from the public and private publications, some of the Research Stations like Rice Research Institute, Maruteru, Regional Research Station, Anakapally is publishing monthly magazines specifically in crops like Rice & Sugarcane respectively.

The Agricultural Information and Communication Center of the University processes the latest information generated by its Research Stations to disseminate the same to the farming community and extension personnel through priced & un-priced publications viz., Vyavasaya Panchangam (the farmer's almanac), Manuals, Extension Highlights and Diagnostic bulletins on different crops both in Telugu and English. About 15,000 copies of Vyavasaya Panchangam are printed every year and sold. Twenty-three unique diagnostic bulletins (both in English & Telugu) of highest quality were published and printed for the first time in the country covering 64 crops with 283 insects 436 diseases 116 nutritional disorders comprising 1839 photographs. Two bulletins, one on "Diseases of Prawns" and the other on "Diseases of Fishes" were also printed.


The Govt. of India has identified Agricultural Technology Information Centre (ATIC) of ANGR Agricultural University, Hyderabad as one of the "Level 2 Centres" to answer farmer's queries. A toll free telephone No.1551 (Kisan Call Centre) was installed on 21-1-2004. Calls received from the farmers to their Call Centre in Basheerbagh were escalated to this phone, to answer the farmer's queries. It is having the facility of talking directly with the farmers and sometimes this center answers the Interactive Voice response calls (calls which were received out of office hours) the next working day. So far, this center answered 950 phone calls on 1531 topics. The discipline allotted to this center is package of practices and impact of weather on all crops grown in Telangana State.


National Remote Sensing Agency (NRSA), Hyderabad has identified ATIC as Expert Nodal Centre for dissemination of Technology through satellites by establishing computer systems with web cam facility in the villages.

The Research Stations of the University publishes bulletins, leaflets and pamphlets at the time of special occasions like Kisan Melas, Field Days and distribute to the farmers on free of cost.

The University provides information to the private and non-governmental organizations to incorporate in their publications by acknowledging the University e.g. Prathi Saagu by M/s Godavari Fertilizers Ltd and "SRI Vari saagu" by WWF.

Like wise the University utilizes all types of print media to disseminate information pertaining to agriculture and allied fields to reach the farmers.
The University is serving farmers through all available mass media channels to the best of its ability with the financial support by GOI and State Govt.

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