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The Library System is having 5 libraries in its fold apart from University Library located at head quarters in Hyderabad. The main motto of the libraries is to accomplish its task of reaching to wider user community comprises of Teachers, Scientists, Extension Specialists and Students. All the library resources are being made available through online to the Teachers, Students and Research Scholars.

University Library : Rajendranagar, Hyderabad

Branch Library : Extension Education Institute, Rajendranagar

College Libraries:

  1. Agriculture College, Aswaraopet, Khammam District
  2. Agriculture College, Jagtial, Karimnagar District
  3. College of Home Science, Saifabad, Hyderabad
  4. College of Agricultural Engineering and Technology, Sangareddy, Medak District

The Circulation Section will look after the Issue and Return of Books, Collection of Over Due Charges, Process the membership Cards etc.



Sl. No Category Number of Books Period of Loan
1 Members of various university bodies indicated in Rule No. 1(a) 02 30 Days
2 University Officers as indicated in Section 9 of the University Act. 12 30 Days
3 Professor 05 30 Days
4 Assoc. Professor 04 30 Days
5 Asst. Professor 03 30 Days
6 Research & Extension Staff 02 30 days
7 Other Staff All cadres 01 30 days
8 Ph.D. Students 03 15 days
9 PG Students 03 15 days
10 UG Students 02 15 days


The University Library has been subscribes to various National and International Journals and Magazines, Competitive Examinations Material etc. to provide upto date and nascent information to the Library users. The following periodicals are being subscribed every year.

Sl.No Journals
1 Acta Horticulturae
2 Advanced Bio Tech
3 Advances in Microbial Physiology
4 Advances in Soil Sciences
5 Agri Business & Food Industry
6 Agribusiness
7 Agricultural & Industry Survey
8 Agricultural Economics Research Review
9 Agricultural Extension Review
10 Agricultural Information Worldwide
11 Agricultural News
12 Agricultural Reviews
13 Agricultural Science Digest
14 Agricultural Today
15 Agrimarketing
16 Agronomy Journal
17 Agropedology
18 Agrovet Buzz
19 Allelopathy Journal
20 American Entomologist
21 American Journal of Agricultural Economics
22 American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
23 Andhra Agricultural Journal
24 Anna Datha(Telugu)
25 Annals of Agricultural Research
26 Annals of Forestry
27 Annals of Library and Information Studies
28 Annals of Plant Protection Sciences
29 Applied and Environmental Micro Biology
30 Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy
31 Artha Vijnana
32 Asian Agri-History
33 Bioinformatics
34 Biopesticides International
35 Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics
36 Cashew & Cocoa Journal
37 Clay and Clay Minerals
38 Competition Affairs
39 Cooperator
40 Crop Improvement
41 Crop Research
42 Current Advances in Agricultural Sciences
43 Current Opinion in Microbiology
44 Current Science
45 Down to Earth
46 Economic Affairs
47 Economic and Political Weekly
48 Economic Intelligence Service
49 Edu Tracks
50 Endeavour
51 Entomon
52 Ethuobotany
53 Everyman's Science
54 Experimental Agriculture
55 FAI Abstract Service
56 Fertilizer Marketing News
57 Field Crops Research
58 Financing Agriculture
59 Floriculture Today
60 Forage Research
61 Foreign Trade Review
62 Genetics
63 Genome
64 Geobios
65 Grandhalaya Sarvaswamu(Telugu)
66 HortScience
67 ILA Bulletin
68 Indian Agriculturist
69 Indian Coffee
70 Indian Farmers Digest
71 Indian Farming
72 Indian Food Industry
73 Indian Food Packer
74 Indian Forester
75 Indian Horticulture
76 Indian Journal of Adult Education
77 Indian Journal of Agricultural Chemistry
78 Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics
79 Indian Journal of Agricultural Library & Information Services
80 Indian Journal of Agricultural Marketing
81 Indian Journal of Agricultural Research
82 Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences
83 Indian Journal of Agro Forestry
84 Indian Journal of Agronomy
85 Indian Journal of Areca nut Spices and Medicinal Plants
86 Indian Journal of Biochemistry and Biophysics
87 Indian Journal of Biotechnology
88 Indian Journal of Crop Science
89 Indian Journal of Dryland Agricultural Research & Development
90 Indian Journal of Entomology
91 Indian Journal of Experimental Biology
92 Indian Journal of Fertilizers(Fertilizer News)
93 Indian Journal of Genetics & Plant Breeding
94 Indian Journal of Horticulture
95 Indian Journal of Information Library & Society
96 Indian Journal of Marketing
97 Indian Journal of Microbiology
98 Indian Journal of Nematology
99 Indian Journal of Nutrition & Dietetics
100 Indian Journal of Pathology and Microbiology
101 Indian Journal of Plant Physiology
102 Indian Journal of Plant Protection
103 Indian Journal of Public Health
104 Indian Journal of Social Research
105 Indian Journal of Social Work
106 Indian Journal of Soil Conservation
107 Indian Journal of Weed Science
108 Indian Journal of Youth Affairs
109 Indian Journals of Ecology
110 Indian Perfumer
111 Indian Phytopathology
112 Indian Sugar
113 Information Age
114 Information Studies
115 Intencive Agriculture
116 International Journal of Applied Economies & Econometrics
117 International Journal of Oil Palm
118 International Journal of Tropical Agriculture
119 Irrigation and Drainage
120 Journal of Agricultural Extension Management
121 Journal of Asian Horticulture
122 Journal of Bacteriology
123 Journal of Basic Micro Biology
124 Journal of Biological Control
125 Journal of Bio-Science
126 Journal of Communication Studies
127 Journal of Community Guidance Research
128 Journal of Cotton Research & Development
129 Journal of Dairying Foods & Home Sciences
130 Journal of Digital Information Management
131 Journal of Ecobiology
132 Journal of Eco-Friendly Agriculture
133 Journal of Economic Entomology
134 Journal of Education & Psychology
135 Journal of Education Research & Extension
136 Journal of Educational Planning & Administration
137 Journal of Entomological Research
138 Journal of Environmental Biology
139 Journal of Experimental Botany
140 Journal of Food Legumes
141 Journal of Food Science
142 Journal of Food Science and Technology
143 Journal of Genetics
144 Journal of Horticultural Science & Biotechnology
145 Journal of Indian Society for Cotton Improvement
146 Journal of Indian Society of Coastal Agricultural Research
147 Journal of Indian Society of Soil Science
148 Journal of Library and Information Science
149 Journal of Mycology & Plant Pathology
150 Journal of Nematology
151 Journal of Nutrition
152 Journal of Ornamental Horticulture
153 Journal of Plant Biochemistry & Biotechnology
154 Journal of Plant Biology
155 Journal of Plant Disease Sciences
156 Journal of Plantation Crops
157 Journal of Research ANGRAU
158 Journal of Root Crops
159 Journal of Rural Development
160 Journal of Social and Economic Development
161 Journal of Soils & Crops
162 Journal of Spices & Aromatic Crops
163 Journal of the American Society for Horticultural Science
164 Journal of the Indian Society of Agricultural Statistics
165 Journal of the Indian Society of Soil Science
166 Journal of Tropical Agriculture
167 Journal of World Trade
168 Land Bank Journal
169 Legume Research
170 Man & Development
171 Medicinal & Aromatic Plants Abstract
172 Medicinal Plants
173 Microbiology & Molecular Biology Reviews
174 Molecular and Cellular Biology
175 Monthly Commentary on Indian Economic Conditions
176 Mycologia
177 Mycorrhiza
178 Nature
179 Nature Biotechnology
180 New Scientist
181 Nucleus
182 Oriental Insects
183 Orissa Journal of Horticulture
184 Oryza-An International Journal on Rice
185 Pest Management in Horticultural Ecosystems
186 Pestology
187 Physiological Entomology
188 Physiological Reviews
189 Phytopathology
190 Phytotaxonomy
191 Plant Breeding
192 Plant Cell
193 Plant Disease
194 Plant Horti Tech (Indian Oil Palm Journal)
195 Plant Journal
196 Plant Pathology
197 Plant Physiology
198 Plant variety Journal of India
199 Proceedings of the Indian National Science Academy
200 Quarterly Economic Report
201 Reserve Bank of India Bulletin
202 Resonance
203 Resource Magazine
204 Right to Information Reporter
205 Sankhya: The Indian Journal of Statistics
206 Scientific American
207 Seed Research
208 Seed Science & Technology
209 Seed Science Research
210 Seed Technology Journal
211 Seed Technology News
212 Soil & Tillage Research
213 Soil Research (Formerly: Australian Journal of Soil Research)
214 Soil Science
215 Soil Science Society of American Journal
216 Southern Economist
217 Spice India
218 Sree Milind
219 SRELS Journal of Information Management
220 Thesis Abstracts
221 Trends in Microbiology
222 University News
223 Vatika
224 very Mans Science
225 World Digital Libraries-An International Journal


The Reference section of the Library houses the Library's reference books which are meant to provide quick and accessible information on any particular topic. Reference books include topics that are intended to guide researchers in their studies. Each copy of Book recommended by Teachers & Students will be kept for reference purpose. Reference material is not meant for circulation.



The PJTS AGRICULTURAL UNIVERSITY libraries are providing important books under special book bank scheme for the benefit of the SC, ST and BC students. Special text-book collection has been built up at each campus. All the libraries have procured good number of titles and increased the collection for the benefit of the students.


Competitive Examination Cell
A separate competitive examination cell has been established at all the PJTS AGRICULTURAL UNIVERSITY campuses for the benefit of those students who are appearing for various competitive examinations for the better placement position and higher studies. This section provides the useful material which is very much required for the aspirants of ICAR Examinations, ASRB, ARS, ICAR-JRF/NET, UPSC, APPSC, GMAT, TOEFL and all Bank exams etc.



The PJTSAU University Library is providing Online Public Access Catalogue to the Teachers, Scientists, Extension Specialists and Students. Three all in one touch computers were placed to search OPAC at Book Section, Periodicals Section and Ground Floor of the Library to search and retrieve the information of the holdings of University Library.



Reprographic Services
The photocopying facilities available in all the campuses for providing photocopying and facility to the library users and it has been put to maximum use.



Digital Library
The digital library infrastructure facilities viz., Interactive Digital Board, Computers with latest Configuration, Internet facility, etc. are fully strengthened in existing libraries as well as established digital libraries in new colleges to utilize the electronic information i.e. CeRA, CAB Abstracts, Krishiprabha, EBSCO, Indiastat, CRC Netbase e-Books, CAB e-Books, Elsevier e-Books etc. for the improvement of academic and research programmes. All the PJTS AGRICULTURAL UNIVERSITY Libraries are equipped with the sufficient number of computers with latest configuration and U.P.S. facility, Printers, Touch Screen Computers etc. to access the e-Resources and also to browse the Internet. The internet facility is available in all the campuses of PJTS AGRICULTURAL UNIVERSITY libraries.


e-Resources/Online Resources
The University Library has subscribed e-Resources/Online Resources to provide the latest information to the Teachers, Scientists, Extension Specialists, Students etc. to meet their research and educational information needs.

  • CAB Online Version : Provides abstract and full articles from 1973 to present. Online CAB Abstracting services data is very useful in formulating technical programmes, research projects, writing Ph.D. and M.Sc. theses etc.
  • IndiaStat - Statistical Database : Indiastat.com is an authentic storehouse for socio-economic statistics about India. Provides statistical data, current happenings with a statistical approach, articles from scholars on subjects of social and economic importance etc.
  • e-Books Taylor & Francis : The University Library has purchased more than 210 CRC Net Base e-Books on Agriculture and allied sciences which can be accessed through I.P. and User ID and Password basis. The e-Books are very much useful to the Teachers, Scientists, Extension Specialists and Students to browse the important content on agricultural and allied sciences.
  • e-Books CABI: The University Library has purchased 510 CABI e-Books on perpetual basis and on DVD. Which has Unlimited access from the year 2000 to 2010 and provided access to all the PJTS AGRICULTURAL UNIVERSITY colleges via I.P. range and on User ID and Password basis. The User ID and Password will be circulated to all the Colleges of the University, Research Stations. e-Books are useful for the Teachers, Scientists and Students to browse important agricultural content by sitting anywhere anytime and these will improve the quality of research and save lot of precious time of the Students, Teachers and Researchers.
  • Elsevier e-Books/e-Books on SciVerse Science Direct : Elsevier e-Books/e-Books on SciVerse Science Direct provide the comprehensive and reliable content that researchers need, the accessibility and searchability that researchers want which alone cannot available in print sources. All the PJTS AGRICULTURAL UNIVERSITY colleges can access via I.P. range and on User ID and Password basis.
  • Krishi Prabha Indian Agricultural Doctoral Dissertations Repository service. It provides access to the Ph.D. theses of all the State Agricultural Universities and ICAR institutes in India from the year 2000 to 2007.
  • Consortium for e-Resources in Agriculture (CeRA) : The ICAR has provided Consortium On-line e-Resources service called CeRA Consortium for e-Resources in Agriculture ) under NAIP project from 2008 onwards. It is providing access to nearly 2900 journals in agriculture and allied disciplines. The user ID and Passwords have been circulated to all the Colleges of the University, Research Stations and also to all the patrons of the University to utilize the e-Resources effectively.

    J-Gate Agriculture and Biological Sciences: It has also provides access to Online e-Journals Portal called J-Gate Agriculture and Biological Sciences under CeRA for the year 2013-2014 (which covers data from January 2001 to present).
  • Agricat : AgriCat is the Union Catalogue of the holdings of 12 major libraries of the ICAR Institutes and SAUs. It has been created with the partnership of OCLC WorldCat. The PJTS AGRICULTURAL UNIVERSITY University Library is also a member library in AgriCat/World and contributed nearly 35,000 bibliographical records.
  • Krishi Kosh : KrishiKosh is an Institutional Repository under National Agricultural Research System (NARS). The repository of knowledge in agriculture and allied sciences, having collection of old and valuable books, records and various documents spread all over the country in different libraries of Research Institutions and State Agricultural Universities (SAUs).
  • CMIE-Commodities Database : Commodities database is the most Comprehensive and reliable source of Indian Commodity Prices, Market Intelligence, Crop forecasts and Time-series data for Agricultural Commodities. India Harvest Database has been replaced with Commodities database with additional resources.
  • DELNET : DELNET provides access to more than 1.75 crore bibliographic records of books, journals, articles, CD's etc. The internet Library Loan/document Delivery Services are one of the most popular services of DELNET. The main objectives of DELNET are to promote resource sharing among the Member-Libraries by collecting, storing and disseminating information by offering networking services to users.
  • EZProxy : The PJTSAU University Library has implemented EzProxy middleware software to provide remote access to web-based licensed resources offered by the library. The EzProxy server authenticates library users against local authentication authorization. It is useful to access all the Library subscribed on line resources in a single platform and to download fulltext articles through EZProxy server without having any IP Address.



PGS-501 Library Services Course
The PJTS AGRICULTURAL UNIVERSITY Libraries conducting PGS-501 Non Credit Library Information Services Course to the PG and Ph.D. Students. The main objective of the course is to educate the users about how to access resources in library and utilize them using the new technology.



PJTS AGRICULTURAL UNIVERSITY University Library has brought out the following publications for the benefits of Teachers, Sciences, Extension specialist and Students.

  1. Current Agricultural Titles (Quarterly)
  2. PJTS AGRICULTURAL UNIVERSITY Library Bulletin (Half Yearly)
  3. PJTS AGRICULTURAL UNIVERSITY Theses Abstracts (Yearly)
  4. News Paper Clippings (Monthly)



Exchange Of University Publications
The University Library distributes 60 copies of Journal of Research PJTS AGRICULTURAL UNIVERSITY to various national and internal institutes. On exchange, the University Library received foreign and Indian publications worth over Rs.60,000/-.


News Paper Service
The University Library subscribes to more than 20 daily News papers in different languages viz. Telugu, Hindi, English, Urdu.



The PJTSAU University Library has been equipped with CCTVs for effective monitoring of every section, movement of the users to protect the Library Material from Pilferage, Misuse and also for security reasons.



Library Security System
The PJTS AGRICULTURAL UNIVERSITY University Library has implemented 3M Library Security System (Electro Magnetic Detection Systems) which protects the library material from theft. The system can be customized for exits and entrances. The Library Security System will ensure in protecting the library material and also to secure the library from untoward material.



e-Resources Training centre
A separate e-Resource training centre has been set up in the University Library to conduct PGS-501 Course, User awareness-cum-training programmes on e-Resources for the benefit of the library users to utilize the electronic information resources effectively and the hall is also using for various meetings of the University.


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