Diploma Regulations

Regulations Governing Diploma Courses in Agriculture, Seed Technology and Agricultural Engineering

The Professor Jayashankar Telangana State Agricultural University (PJTSAU) was established through a Gazette Notification (Part-I Extraordinary) No.43 dated 03-09-2014 in exercise of the powers conferred by section 101 of the A.P. Re-organization Act, 2014 (Central Act No.6 of 2014). Further, the Government of Telangana accorded permission for adaptation of Act and Statutes of Acharya N.G.Ranga Agricultural University (ANGRAU) for Professor Jayasankar Telangana State Agricultural University and adaptation of all administrative, academic and general regulations of ANGRAU for PJTSAU for smooth functioning of the University with respect to teaching research and extension activities. Accordingly, the following regulations governing diploma courses in Agriculture, Seed Technology and Agricultural Engineering are adopted.

1.0 Short title
  These regulations shall be called The PJTSAU Regulations, 2014 governing the courses of study leading to the award of Diploma in Agriculture and Seed Technology in the Faculty of Agriculture and Diploma in Agricultural Engineering in the Faculty of Agricultural Engineering & Technology. These regulations shall apply to the students admitted from the academic year 2014-15 and onwards.
2.0 Definitions
2.1 Academic Year
  The academic year of the University shall ordinarily be from June - July to April - May (except in the case of year of admission) and shall consist of two semesters.
2.2 Semester
  A minimum duration of 110 working days, consisting of 95 instructional days and 15 examination days except during the year of admission.

For a short semester in the year of admission the number of classes should be increased proportionately.
2.3 Credit Hour
  Each credit hour represents one hour lecture or two to three hours of laboratory or field practical each week in a semester. It is also known as semester credit or credit.
2.4 A course is a unit of instruction or segment of subject matter to be covered in a semester. It has a specific title, number and credits.
2.5 Grade Point of a Course
  It is the value obtained by dividing the percentage of marks secured in a course by 10. The grade point is expressed on a 10 point scale up to 1 decimal place.
2.6 Credit Point of a Course
  It is the product of credit hours and grade point obtained by a student in a course.
2.7 Grade Point Average (GPA)
  It is the quotient of the total credit points obtained by a student in various courses at the end of each semester divided by the total credit hours taken by him/her in that semester. The grading is done on a 10 point scale. The GPA is to be corrected up to first decimal place.
2.8 Overall Grade Point Average (OGPA)
  It is the quotient of cumulative credit points obtained by a student in all the courses taken by him/her from the beginning of the first semester of the diploma course divided by the total credit hours of all the courses which he/she had completed upto the end of a specified semester from the first semester. It determines overall performance of a student in all the courses taken during a period covering more than a semester. The OGPA is to be corrected upto second decimal place.
2.9 Semester Final Examinations
  Semester final examinations for each course are conducted by the University at the end of each semester in the theory portion of the course.
3.0 Admissions
3.1 Admissions including selections to the Diploma Courses in the Faculty of Agriculture / Agricultural Engineering & Technology ordinarily made in the beginning of the first semester of the academic year, shall be in accordance with the regulations laid down from time to time by the University.
3.2 Fee
  The fee for application, semester fee, special fee, examination fee and other fees shall be as prescribed by the University from time to time.
4.0 Courses, Credits and Syllabi
  The details of the courses, credits and syllabi of the Diploma Courses in Faculty of Agriculture / Agricultural Engineering & Technology shall be prescribed by the Academic Council from time to time.
5.0 Registration
  Students who have received notification of admission from the University into various diploma courses will received, on arrival, guidelines for registration from the Principal of the respective Polytechnics.

A registration and orientation programme will be conducted by the Principal of the Polytechnic for the benefit of the students joining the University for the first time.

Attendance in respect of fresh students for the first semester shall be reckoned from the date of registration of the student concerned.
5.1 Late Fee for Registration
  A late fee for the students shall be of Rs.10/- for the first three working days starting from the next day of the scheduled date of registration and there after Rs.25/- per day for a further period of 7 working days.
5.2 The failed students and the students who are absent from the Semester Final Examinations for any reason and willing to appear for re-examination in the subsequent semester when conducted for the regular batch have to pay a re-examination fee of Rs.10/- per each course subject to a maximum of Rs.50/- when the number of courses exceeds five, within 25 days from the date of commencement of subsequent semester along with an application.
6.0 Attendance
6.1 Every student shall ordinarily attend all classes in a course. However, the minimum attendance prescribed in a course is 75% for theory and practical separately. A student who fails to put in the minimum attendance either in theory or in practical shall not be permitted to appear for the semester final examinations. In that event, he / she has to repeat that course.
6.2 If a student admitted to the first year does not put in at least 75% attendance in all the courses of first semester, his / her admission shall stand cancelled.
6.3 When a student leaves a polytechnic after completion of that semester for reasons beyond his / her control, he / she shall be eligible for re-admission within one year by taking prior permission of the Principal to the appropriate semester under intimation to the University. When the period of break exceeds one year but does not exceed 2 years a reference should be made to the University and the decision of the University shall be final.
6.4 When a student leaves the Polytechnic taking Transfer Certificate, he / she shall not be eligible for readmission.
7.0 Evaluation of Student and Examinations
7.1 There shall be one mid semester examination to be conducted by the teacher offering the course after 50% of the working days are over in a semester. The duration of mid semester examination shall be for one and half hours.
7.2 The evaluation of a student in a course shall be based on his / her performance for 100 marks in semester final theory and practical examinations conducted at the end of each semester. The practical examinations include evaluation of practical record, specimen collections etc maintained by the student.
7.3 The semester final examinations shall be held at the end of each semester. The semester final theory examination shall be of two and half hours duration and that of practical examination will be of 2 1/2 to 3 hours duration. It shall be the responsibility of the University to conduct semester final theory examinations. The practical examination shall be conducted by the teacher in-charge of the course.
8.0 Student Discipline
8.1 Mass absence of students from a class or examination
  Absence of student enmasse (from a class or examination) shall not be condoned. The Principal, may also order suspension of the course, if deemed necessary.
8.2 Unfair means during examinations
  The Principal of the Polytechnic shall be responsible for dealing with all cases of use of unfair means in various examinations.
The phrase, 'Use of Unfair Means' include possession of any information or material by the student, talking to other students, copying from other students or from printed or written material may include 'use of mobiles or any other electronic gadgets', impersonation etc. The invigilator concerned, on finding the use of unfair means by any student may take the answer scripts of the student and the material evidence, if any, and the explanation from the student. The student may also be sent out of the examination hall immediately. The invigilator concerned shall report each case of unfair means direct to the Principal immediately with full details of the incident, answer scripts, the available evidence and explanation of the concerned students, if any. The Principal, on receipt of the report, may give an opportunity to the concerned student to represent his/her case considering all the available evidence, the Principal shall take appropriate action immediately. The penalty shall be as indicated below:
  1. A student found using unfair means during mid-semester examination shall be deemed to have failed in that course.
  2. A student found using unfair means during semester final examination shall be deemed to have failed in all the courses, he/she has registered in that semester and/or in such of those courses in which he/she appeared for semester final examination in that semester. In such cases, the student shall not be permitted to take the remaining examinations, if any, in that semester.
  3. The Principal shall report each case falling under (a) and (b) above immediately, after passing order to the Director (Polytechnics) / Dean of Agriculture.
  4. For using unfair means of a serious nature such as ignoring the repeated instructions of invigilator, or abusing or threatening or assaulting the invigilator, warranting higher penalties than those indicated in clauses (a) and (b) above, the Principal, besides treating the student as failed in all the courses he/she registered in that semester, may further debar the student for the succeeding semester and the fact informed to the Director (Polytechnics) / Dean of Agriculture. If further or more severe punishments felt necessary, will be imposed the Principal shall immediately inform the University about the with details of each together with all the material evidence if any, and his/her recommendation. The explanation or representation of the student, if any, may also be sent. The Vice-Chancellor after examining the case, may debar the student for further period or permanently. The decision of the Vice-Chancellor is final.

    The parent or the guardian of the concerned student shall be informed of any punishment awarded to the student and the reason thereof.
8.3 Scribes for Physically Challenged
  Scribes are permitted for physically challenged students and students suffering from dyslexia as per the following guidelines.
  1. The students suffering from Dyslexia (Learning problem) are eligible for a scribe.
  2. The student who requires scribe has to obtain permission from the Principal well in advance i.e., at least 15 days before the commencement of the examinations.
  3. Scribes should be one grade lesser than the student concerned, and an undertaking should be given by the student in this regard.
  4. Both the student & scribe shall give an undertaking stating that they will abide by the rules of the University.
  5. Students may be allowed fifteen (15) minutes extra time for mid semester and thirty minutes (30) for Semester Final Theory and practical examinations.
  6. The scribes shall be identified by the candidates and one of them shall be selected by the Principal concerned.
  7. Payment, if any, has to be paid to the scribe shall be borne by the concerned student.
  8. If the candidate or the scribe suppresses the material fact, the candidature of the candidate shall stand cancelled
8.4 Scrutiny of Marks
  The student may apply to Registrar within one week after the announcement of the marks for scrutiny of the totaling of marks of the semester final examinations secured by the student advancing sufficient reasons for such a request. The fee for such scrutiny shall be Rs. 25/- for each course.
8.5 Academic status and scholastic deficiencies
  A student shall get minimum of 50% marks in both final theory and final practical examinations separately for a pass in the final examination of a course. If a student does not achieve this he/she has to reappear for the final examination in theory/practical or both as the case may be, when next conducted for such course(s).

A student obtaining a grade point of 5.0 shall be considered to have passed the course. A student getting less than 5.0 shall be deemed to have failed in the course and 'F' shall be indicated in the grade report. A student who secured grade point below 5.0 or who secures above 5.0 but secures less than 50% marks in semester final theory/practical examination of the course (or) was marked absent has to appear for either final theory or practical examination or both (as the case may be).

A student may also have an option to write the mid-semester examination of the course in the same semester when he/she next takes the final examination of that particular course.
9.0 Withdrawal
  A student is deemed to have been withdrawn from the University, if he/she fails to complete the requirement of diploma, within 3 years ( six semesters) for Agriculture / Seed Technology and within 4 years (eight semesters) from the date of first admission for Agricultural Engineering.
10.0 Diploma Requirements
10.1 The student shall satisfy the minimum residential requirements of four semesters excluding the period of discontinuance if any for Diploma in Agriculture / Seed Technology and six semesters excluding the period of discontinuance if any for Diploma in Agricultural Engineering. The period of discontinuance when a candidate studies no courses shall not be counted for purpose of computing minimum residential requirements.
10.2 A student undergoing courses of study leading to the award of the Diploma in the faculties of Agriculture and Agricultural Engineering & Technology shall pass courses prescribed by the Academic Council from time to time by obtaining an OGPA of 5.00 or more in the 10 point scale
10.3 Classification of successful candidates
  The successful candidates after completion of the diploma requirements who secure an OGPA of 5.00 or more in the 10.00 point scale shall be classified as under:
Pass : 5.00 to 5.99
Second class : 6.00 to 7.49
First class : 7.50 to 8.49
First class with distinction : 8.50 and above

Note: Class / Division shall not be mentioned in the Transcript Cum Pass Certificate but, classification may be given in the certificate as Foot note.
11.0 Student responsibility
  All students studying in various diploma courses of this University are expected to know the requirements for the award of Diploma in the Faculty of Agriculture and Agricultural Engineering & Technology and general academic requirements and assume full responsibility for meeting them. In no case a regulation be waived or exception made, simply because a student pleads ignorance of it.
12.0 Transfers
  Transfer of students from one Polytechnic to another in the same course after completion of first year (i.e. two semesters) for valid reasons and it shall be discretion of the University. Transfer may be permitted by the Vice - Chancellor on an application by the student through the concerned principal of the Polytechnics to the Director (Polytechnics).
13.0 Record of Courses
  To ensure that the requirements for the award of the diploma have been completed by a student, the University shall keep a record of courses completed by the student. A copy of the same shall be maintained by the Principal of the Polytechnic.
14.0 Authorities to approve results and issue Pass Certificates, Transcripts etc.
  The Registrar shall approve the results and issue the Pass certificates, Transcripts etc. to the successful candidates.

A diploma under the seal of the University and duly signed by the Officers authorized in this behalf shall be presented to the candidates who have successfully completed the diploma requirements. The diploma shall set forth the name of the candidate, father's name, mother's name, classification (class secured) month and year of the successful completion of the requirements.
16.0 Amending or cancellation of result
  If the result of a candidate is discovered to be vitiated by error, malpractice, fraud, improper conduct or any other reasons the Registrar shall have the power to amend the result in such a manner as to accord with the true position and to make such declaration as the Registrar may deem it necessary in this regard.
17.0 Transitory provision
17.1 These regulations shall apply to the students admitted from the Academic Year 2014-15 and onwards.
18.0 No Regulation made by the Academic Council, governing the diploma courses shall be constructed to limit or abridge the powers of the Academic Council to deal with any case or cases of any student or students of the Diploma Course in such manner as it may appear to it to be just and equitable.

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