Academic Innovations

The University has several academic innovations to its credit

A few of them are given below:

  • Adopted semester system of instruction as early as in 1972-73 to overcome the problems of coverage of syllabus and conducting examinations in trimester system.
  • Introduced 10 point scale of grading for avoiding the ambiguity in the grading system.
  • Introduced the common semester final examinations in all campuses.
  • Introduced the Rural Agricultural Work Experience Programme ( RAWEP) in B. Sc.(Ag.) for the first time and extended to B. Tech. (Ag. Engg.) and B. H. Sc. degree programmes, subsequently.
  • Entered into collaboration ( MOUs) with the Cornell University, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Ithaca, New York along with other countries like Australia, Sweden, Netherlands etc. for conducting global classes in subjects like bio-diversity, genetically modified foods, agri-business, population studies etc.

Rural Agricultural Work Experience Programme (RAWEP)

This most innovative academic programme was introduced during 1979-80, to provide an opportunity for students of B. Sc. (Ag.) degree programme to gain insight and experience about field operations and problems related to farming and rural life. This is a pioneering academic innovation which was introduced for the first time by a State Agricultural University in the country. This unique programme provides opportunities for final year students of Agriculture to live and work in villages for one semester of 5 months and helps them to gain first hand experience for the application of agricultural technologies in the field and gain self confidence. rawep

This programme was subsequently extended to B. Sc. (Horti.) and B. H. Sc. (Rural) degree programmes. In this programme, the students stay in villages (each attached to a farmer) and work together with the farmers to closely study their problems, needs and learn to live in rural areas.

This concept and operationalisation of the unique programme was commended by the ICAR and most of the other State Agricultural Universities have now adopted RAWE programme based on the ANGRAU's model. A detailed manual for implementing the RAWE programme was developed by the University, which is now followed by several State Agricultural Universities.

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